2 months old child brought with occipital encephalocele..when to operate this child.?at wht age.? Is ecg required in fitness.?wht happens if we dont operate.?in d same vein..wht happens if growing skull fractures r not operated.?


Operate immediately Work up for other organ anomalies by echo cardiogram and usg abdomen Brain keeps herniating if you don't In both cases Hydrocephalus may develop in 40 to 60 percent encephaloceles later

Actually its asked by relatives many times..1.size increases as child grows 2.adhesiona develop 3.seizures.hv any of u seen deficits.?or it depends on whether its only meninges or brain also.?I guess headache also..

Do u operate 2 mos old @Dr. Jaideep Chandra ..hats off to ur anesthetists if they allow..ppul abroad also operate after 3 mos..its actually not wise to subject 2 month old to this not s emergent sx.wht say.any pediatrican here.?or anesthetist.?

@Dr. Sonal Jain the children should be operated soon after birth No one abroad waits for 3 months The timing of surgery as stated in major texts is soon after birth. As soon as possible I have operated children within 48 hours and up to a week after birth Of course some have come late to me due to various reasons

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