2 weeks old female child brought by relatives with complain of vomiting, poor feeding , letharg

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What type of feed is the baby is being given . Is the vomiting bilious or non bilious . Is the baby burped properly after each feed . My d/ds gerd gastric outlet obstruction chps uti.

Baby was on exclusively breastfeeding . Vomiting non - bilious . Burping was done.

Thorough history( antenatal and feeding history) and examination ( rule out pyloric stenosis) . Keep sepsis as a possibility. Need to cover with antibiotics, send blood, urine and CSF culture. CBC, CRP, Procal, blood gas, RFT and electrolytes. If you get cultures sterile, think of metabolic issues. It's wise not to wait till culture report to send Ammonia level.

Thank you doctor

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