2 year old male child with seizure. x ray wrist with these findinhs



First of all, its x ray knee jt, showing cupping and fraying of tibia suggestive of rickets. If baby came with seizures, u should do bld sugar , electrolytes and ionic calcium. if normal.then go with other investigations.c/f are they s/o rickets? Its vit d deficiency .do sr calcium , phoshorus levels.if any deficiency found investigate n treat futher accordingly.

yes it is knee joint x ray. I typed it as wrist in hurry and by mistake..

vit D dependant rickets type 1 presents with seizure. defect in 1 alpha hydroxylation in kidney. treatment: alphacalcidol (one alpha) or calcitriol ( rocaltrol). check calcium level regularly to prevent hypercalcemia.

treat seizure as per protocol..ist attack.investigate..2nd attack start antiepiletc drug.look for s.cal,phosphorus and vit D.Manage with inj arachitol,therapeutic dose of cal and of course diet planned

Start t/t for rickets: Inj Arachitol 6 Lakhs I/M stat, weekly 60k vit d3, daily calcium syrup 5ml.

Rickets..v need to gt calcium,phosphorus n alkaline phosphatase levels.. N treat accordingly

Definitely Rickets with hypocalcemic seizures

rickets? c ?hypocalcemia causing seizures

ya ..dis xray knee showin ricketic feature further evaluate for his metabolic status ?

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rickets...post renal osteodystrophy

rickets sir


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