20 days m ch swelling of scrotum lt. on and off with tenderness since 5 days Dx please



If swelling appears on/off . Most probably u r dealing with inguinal hernia . Go for usg inguinoscrotal region to confirm it . Herniotomy should be done as immediately as possible to prevent the risk of incarceration n prevent gonadal atrophy n infarction .

Congenital Inguinal hernia. It side Most hernias are diagnosed and managed without difficulty.  However, an inguinal hernia that becomes hard and cannot be pushed in may be “incarcerated” or “strangulated” and needs urgent evaluation for surgery

Indirect inguinal hernia

Self resolving. At the most antibiotics may be given.


Hydrocoel testis, resolves on its own

Usg inve?? Any?


?Impending obstructed Inguinal Hernia. Emergency Surgery.

Left congenital Hernia. May need Herniotomy later.

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