20/F patient suffering from otalgia and ear discharge with headache Not responding to conservative management No history of any previous disease kindly opine



U can try Varanadi kwatha/ Gruta 1-2 times along with Gughlu tiktaka gruta 2tsp at night Karnadoopana to be done with Gughulu for ear Discharge Kaisoragugul two times along with Varanadhi Varanadhi gan has the properties to reducing growth Ear drops should be taken care of because if the drum is perforated, it worsens infection,better is Karna Dhoopana It also relieve sinus infection and associated nasal congestion and Eustalchian blocks ,gruta nourihes the increased vata due to rodha and degeneration of small bones Varanadi also pacifies Headache too DIET STRICTLY vegetarian ,LOW SPICae and salt VARANADI AND GUGGUL TIKTAKA HAVE CURED MANY SURGICAL CASES Thanks God bless

Definitly good suggestion I would like to add karna basti with bilwa taila..

Belladana 200

There is complicated cholesteatoma ( erosion of the lateral wall) that must be removed surgrically, it will not respond to medicines and therapies.

it can be kept under reasonable control with medicines as its non malignant n slowly progressive. .

Sarivadi bati2 BD Panchtikat ghrit guggul 1 BD Sutsekhar Ras 2 BD Brahmani bati 1 BD N Apply kshartail 2 drops boths ears.

Wash with warm water with subhara bhasma N apply kshartail / Karnbindu oil BD N Tab.Sarivadi 2 BD, Gandhak rasayan 1 BD Arogyabardhani bati2 BD Panchtikat ghrit guggul 1 BD.

समुद्र फैन को पीसकर चूर्ण बना कान में भर दे, ठीक हो जाएगा योग परिक्षित है पिछले 40 वर्ष से प्रयोग कर रहा हूं

In such cases twin stem cell tmt.gives good results.it is not medicine but health supplement.It can heal & prevent surgery.Thanks

carbo animalis 200/3doses..ferrum phos 30/bd for a week.. also psorinum as intercurrent later..


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