20 year old boy with history of palpitations and BP of 68/50, low grade fever kindly provide ur valuable opinion on ecg




In my ( un called for !) Opiion sirs, the sinus tachycardia is a physiological ( Baro receptor) compensation to low BP. Tachycardia of say about 100 bpm can not cause "Low " E.F as it has no physiological basis. To reduce E.F, sinus tachycardia can not causeit. At higher rates, the diastolic time and diastolic filling of LV might fall short contributing to Low E.F . The problem on hand ( in additon to free lance opinions) is low BP , the causes of which need to be looked into. Suggested- measurement of plasma .aldosteron and cartisol levels and screening for any debelitating disease and ofcourse the cause of fever. Is BP consistantly low or is just recognised. May be worthwhile to record an ECG for pissible myocarditis and 2D echo to please the cardiologist !

Further to my answer I am unable to find the classical M shaped complex ( with rabit's Lt ear taller than the Rt '- MARRIOT.). Isolated RBBB even if found is not significant , to put in the words of MARRIOT's ECG, TEXT, ' RBBB IS SEEN EVEN IN SOME MARTHON RUNNERS WHOSE CARDIAC COMPETENCY CAN NOT BE QUESTIONED. !.

Tachycardia with hypotension can be considered unstable. Has to establish I. V. Access. Give oxygen and consider expert consultation. High take off ST segments are seen but may not be significant.

Ecg reveals sinus tachycardia hr 125/mt. Pr interval is prolonged. More than .24sec.st coving up in v2 v4.its myocarditis. Pl get his cardiac enzymes 2d echo. Lab investigations

Rbbb with lvh. Tachycardia. Investigate for valvular pathalogy . Cardiac colour doppler study is reqd.

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Ecg reveals.. RBBB with Sinus tachycardia..

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ECG. Sinus tachycardia. RBBB. LVH. Hypotension so low EF due to tachycardia. PT. Is young so require complete evaluation

Thanks a lot sir

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This is not a simple s.tachycardis It's ATRIAL TACHYCARDIA with 2:1 av conduction Pz look again properly

Sinus tachycardia


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