20 years female papulosqamous lesion on right side cheek and multiple pustules on nose and both sides of cheek since 2 years 1) diagnosis? 2) treatment?

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Good answers Doctors This is case of ACNE VULGARIS Grade III Nodulocystic type. This is due to hyperactivity of estrogens and hereditary play some role. TREATMENT: In my clinic I am doing drainage of pus by minimal injury and apply flap without suturing. So total swelling will be subsides within week, then rectify the scar by applying silicone gel and oral L glutathione. Oral Retinoids will prevent the recurrence. SUNSCREEN lotion is mandatory in morning time. Night times Arbutin, Alium septa and aloevera combination will give glow to the face . If any feel of NODULARITY on the lesion part, I advise for intralesional steroids. Thank you friends.

Nodulocystic Acne.. Rx Tab.Clarithromycin 250 bid for 1 week Oint.Deriva-C od application.. Benzile peroxide face wash... bid Cap.Tretin iso 0.5 to 1mg per kg body wt in divided doses for 10 weeks..

Thank u Dr Kishore. It is a case of Nodulocystic Acne. Treatment Tab Isotretinoin 10 mg bd for 1 month. Clindamycin with Niacin amide at night and Benzoyl peroxide in the morning. Oral antibiotics Anti inflammatory

Nodulocystic acne Systemic retiniods Tab azithomycin pulse Topical clindamycin Twice a day Salicylic acid 2%face wash Intralesional steroids for cyst

Cystic Acne Very resistant to treatment, recurrence is common, however, Homeopathy shows good result in many cases. 1) If the pt. is thirstless+ very polite+ scanty/irregular mens + constipated, Pulsatilla 30, 1 dose 2) If the pt. is thirsty +profuse sweat+ fond of fast food & very hungry+ constpated/ frequent Amoebic, Sulphar 30, 1 dose

@Dr. Parshuram Agarwal I think it is acne vulgaris.treat it with an antibiotic which she has not taken and Retin a cream .

Nodular acne sebaceous cyst to be oprated acne azithro 500 od isotretonion20 mg bd 31/2 month oint clindamycin bd

NODULOCYSTIC ACNE....Ican see that she is an HIRSUTE too...Pls. do cbc esr stool urine TFT, Hormone Profile... HbA1c...USG- ABD-PELVIS.: To rule out PCOD....

Acne Vulgaris Rx.. Local skin hygiene .. Tab.Azhithromycin od for 5 days .. Retinoid cream locally .. Tab. Cetrizine bd ... Tab. Combiflam tid

Is it papulo squamous lesion Sir or nodulo cystic ?

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