20 years female patient got injured during breaking the sugar Cain stick...... Please give your opinion about management Treatment......

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Better to refer to the Opthalmologist..... Ignorance may land with serious irreversible damage.... @Dr. Alauddin Khan sir

Go from eye surgeon.

Thanks,Dr.S.Ramchandran mam.

Artemisea Vulgaris - 6 Thrice a day helpful medicine

Arnica will be helpful

Local and systemic antibiotics and pad and bandage for 7days.

Refer the pt to nearest Eye hospital.

Hepar sulph 6 /3 times in a day for two days. Then,Silicea 30 /2 times in a day may dry up in two days.


Cinaria Martina Germany , 2 drop TDs Arnica 200 single dose, Wait ,watch Better results

moxirid eye drop . zedocef cv tab .tab zerodol sp .tab zincovit .local toileting with inositol solution

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