20 yers male having this type of skin shading and holes like paches all over sole since 20days . h/o.work in car washing Center whole day wet in water mild iching occasionally bleeding. PLEASE DIGNOSIS AND TREATMENT.



It is pitted keratolysis. Also known as sweaty socks syndrome. Itz a bacterial infection affecting epidermis. Maintaining Hygiene is very important in This condition

Application of topical antibiotics like clindamycin, erythromycin etc is useful.

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Nicely described case by Dr Shrikant. As per my experience, the doesn't need any treatment, just apply coconut oil add 20 drops of tea tree oil in 100ml coconut oil. The patient has to abstain from this washing job otherwise no treatment can cure him.

Dr. Shrikant sir, Its pitted Keratolysis! First of all ask the patient to find another job as long standing in water harming his feet. Do NIDANA PARIVARJANA! Advice Jatyadhi Ghrita local application. It will heal by it self, no need to worry just Advice the patient to avoid water/car acid exposure....

yes This is PITTED KERATOLYSIS, Unani Treatment : Sharbate Unnab 25ml Bd Majun Ushba 1tsf Bd Itrifil Shahitra 1tsf At Bed time, Marhame Sada for Local Apply, Given this Nuskha for 2 months insha allah get best result.

Rat ko sotay samay deshi ghe ya mustard oil lagao pora aaram hoga 1 tab Gandhak rasayan vati two bd 2 sahar rasayan kalp powder one tea spon two time daily 3 tab neem two bd no side effects

Firstly do nidana parivarjana then adv tab.arogyavardhini 1bd syp.maha manjishtadi kwatha 3tsf bd kailash jeevan ointment local application @morning ointment chiropex night

contact dermatitis, Local application - Dineshvalyadi Taila, internally - kaishore Guggulu 500mg+ Arogya Vardhini 500mg twice daily after food with water. avoid detergent

Ayurveda treatment jeevantyadhi yamaka application next panchavalkala prakshalana yastimadhu dusting hygiene is very important

Pitted keratolysis- keep the feet dry, oral erythromycin, topical application of mupirocin or fusidin or miconazole is helpfull

pitted keratolysis..treat with graphitis 200 -od -3days can use calc sulphur 6x diluted in water for local application

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