20 yers male having this type of skin shading and holes like paches all over sole since 20days . h/o.work in car washing Center whole day wet in water mild iching occasionally bleeding. PLEASE DIGNOSIS AND TREATMENT.



Sweaty Socks Syndrome..

pitted keratolysis

Diagnosis - Pitted Keratolysis. Give Natrum Sulph 200 once in 3 days morning. There will be changes

It's rare... but I see on case treated with hydrostatic mother tincture

I think dulcamera 30bd also helpful

Pitted keratolysis- keep the feet dry, oral erythromycin, topical application of mupirocin or fusidin or miconazole is helpfull

It is pitted keratolysis. Also known as sweaty socks syndrome. Itz a bacterial infection affecting epidermis. Maintaining Hygiene is very important in This condition

Application of topical antibiotics like clindamycin, erythromycin etc is useful.

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It is fungal infection.

Ayurveda treatment jeevantyadhi yamaka application next panchavalkala prakshalana yastimadhu dusting hygiene is very important

pitted keratolysis

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