20 yr female cannot bend knee, no trauma, progressively increasing stiffness. Please tell diagnosis and management.

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Bony ankylosis of knee If it is single joint,consider post sceptic sequelae Multiple joint involvement seen in ankylosing spondylitis CBC esr RA factor Uric acid Crp Mantaux test Chest xray It is stable ankylosis Leave alone if patient can manage Joint replacement results are unpredictable and will need multiple revisions

Fusion of femur tibia fibula jt swelling in lower end of femur may be tumor sclerotic knee MRI with BMD probably osteosarcoma after biopsy HP


bony ankylosis of knee.may be post septic arthritis.

Could be polyostotic fibrous dysplasia with ankylosis Do u have pic of the other knee jt?? If yes please do send

osteosarcoma should be considered and manage accordingly. thanks

Seems to be bony ankylosis of knee. Since when are the complaints? Any other joint involvement? Any history of previous trauma or infection in the PAST?

may case of deficiency of vitamin D& calcium

its a bony ankylosis of knee.

bony ankylosis of knee.. sequela of septic arthritis or tubercular arthritis

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