20 Yr old M Pt. C/o itching & irritation over lower eyelid Rt. Eye plz advice Dx & Rx




Squamous blephritis ciplox e/oint rub the lid margin daily 2 month cetrilak soap face wash daily ,ocuna -z shampoo 2tsf on wet hair for 5 minutes followed by other hair shampoo every 4th day 3 month Tab cetrizine 1bd 5 days ,follow up every month.

Thank you sir

l lid blephrits and a conjuctival patch in bulbar conjuctiva inf fornix could be xerotic patch treatment clean l lid margins with wet cotton rub eye oint along lid margins regular a d shampo artificial eye tears antiboitic eye drops get rid of soborea

Blepharitis..??Allergic / infective Rx.. Antibiotics Antihistaminics Eye drops/ointment Good hygiene with self care Experts opinion

Thanks &well come Dr Ashish Wankhade

Allergic contact dermatitis

Contact dermatitis due to some local application Avoid the allergen.

Blepharitis,/allergic dermatitis.RxClobetsol-N oint +oral Abs +Levocetrizine

Blepharitis Rx Tab Levofloxacin 500ng 1 od ; Ciprofloxacin eye dps 2dps tds Tab Cetrizine 10mg 1od for 7 Day's

Sebboric Dermatitis

Seborrhoeic blepharitis


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