20 yr old pt with 11 weeks pregnancy. .upt positive..usg pictures attached. ..please give your opinion



its vesicular mole.i wud do D &SE,sent the whole thing for HPE.regularly follow up the HCG levels for 3 months.ask her to conceive only after 6 months

tissue for hp examination

looks like a mole.

? Vesicular mole

vasicular mole

suction & evacuation is d treatment of choice for v.mole.so my option is S& e rather than D&C.

case of vesicular mole do D&E sent tissue for up examination.Do beta HCG titer in f/up.

MOlar preg with small gs, suction curattage with 1pint blood keep ready

molar pregnancy. suction evacuation & tissue sent for HPV

molar pregnancy only.Advice serum beta hcg.

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