20 yrs male with left cervical benign swelling for 5 yrs. what sud b d approach ?



it's mostly cystic hygroma. app is trans cervical excision. the lower end is slightly extending into thorax but it can easily retracted out into neck once the upper end and middle part is finished. can take schrobinger triradiate incision.

I ll do this on Tuesday. ll tell u after sx. according to me it is cystic hygroma. let's see.

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It's a parapharyngeal tumor. pushing the major vessels anterior and lateral. encapsulated lesion. no prevertebral involvement. if benign go for surgery but rule out major vessels involvement before that. what was the fnac - benign what component in it. I doubt schwanomma.

parapharyngeal space lower limit is hyoid bone doctor , so this space tumours cannot extend beyond the hyoid bone inferiorly, this mass is extending till thorax it's not a parapharyngeal mass. vessels are clearly not involved from the CT. shwannoma will have little enhancement.

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1.FNAC 2.Excision of the mass if encapsulated. 3.If malignant, debulking and post op chemo or radiotherapy depending upon tissue involved and stage. 4.CT pictures suggest prevertebral muscle mass or prevertebral fascial sheath mass.

fnac - benign mass. CT - Well defined mass

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Kindly update fnac report, proceed with excision after histopath.


Branchial cleft cyst dd cystic lymphangioma

branchial cyst sud present along lower one third of medial border of SCM.

any more history biopsy shud be done

it is a case of lipoma .surgery is a proper treatment

hi, can u plz update on ct reports and fnac reports? also thyroid profile.

branchial cyst

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