2020’s last updates on COVID-19:-

Update News - After COVID infection,it is highly unlikely to get it again at least for upto 6 months if they have protective antibodies,a study of 12541 health workers in UK,NEJM,Dec2020,The likelihood of positive PCR is 1.09 per 10000 days at risk for people without Antibodies compared with 0.13 for people with Antibodies Profoundly Immunosuppressed patients especially patients after Cancer Chemotherapy can continue shedding viable virus & can infect others for more than 2 months after COVID-19 infection,The current guidelines for quarantine should be revised for immunocompromised patients,a small study from NewYork,NEJM,Dec2020 Early Antibody formation is the key to COVID-19 recovery,the speed of antibody production rather than the titre determines the chances of recovery,those who produce Antibodies within 14 days of symptoms have better outcomes compared to those who do not have antibodies for more than 14 days after symptoms,a study,medRxiv,Dec2020




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