18 yr old female pt came with c/o 4to 5 bullae like lesions at neck and shoulder region for past 5 days ....bullae breaks and heal by itself no h/o fever ∆: ? chickenpox suggestions plz in picture red mark ----> bullae black mark-----> lymphadenitis



Impetigo contagiosum
Impetigo... Amoxiclav.. Local mupirocin ointment and anti inflammatory
@Dr. Leo Clington A - molluscum contagiosum
impetigo contagiosum
Not umblicated hence not typical varicella.site of app on neck atypical. Cud b molluscum
impetigo contageosa...responds well to maroloids+antibiotic creams.
Bullous impetigo Treat with amoxyclav and fuscidic ointment
Closeup photo can be more helpful. Think of phemphigus.
Exclude Tubercular adenitis byF.N.A.C.
Exclud Tubercular cervicalAdenitis
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