20Y /F During Periods unconsciousness TSH 32 Kindly Suggest Treatment

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This is a case of Hypothyroidism. Do anti Tpo antibodies to rule out autoimmune Hashimotos thyroiditis. Start with Levothyroxine 100 mcg and adjust the dose repeating TFT after 4 weeks. Any history of heavy bleeding during periods? Ask her to take nutritious food and plenty of fluids

Thank you doctor

Severe hypothyroidism Young female, Hashimoto is likely AntiThyroid antibodies can be checked. Unconsciousness during periods may be due to excessive bleeding due to hypothyroidism ,and dysmenorrhea. Can start on thyroxine, 50 mcg OD and gradually increase by titration Anemia should be investigated.

She is a c/o hypothyroidism with high tsh Unconsciousness during periods is likely due to excessive bleeding Adv to r/o hasimotos thyroditis

Thanx dr Ryng Phawa

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Do Anti TPO antibodies, thyroid ultrasound. She will require treatment with Tab Throxine 75 mcg at 6am . Review with reports

This is a case of Hypothyroidism with Menstrual fearness Start Thyronorm 100 one daily in empty stomach and Tab Melzap MD 0.25 one daily

A case of hypothyroidism

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