20yr female ,1 yr marital life ,nulli gravida ,c/o left lower abd pain since 15days ,7th day ,hypo menorrhea this cycle ,otherwise reg cycles ,lt cyst 2.7*2.1cm,et 11mm, ff+++upt negatlve. what will b the treatment


Ca 125 1 st. If positive then send her to oncosurgeon If negative & other parameters normal lap cystectomy.


Dr, cyst size of 2.7 cm+ 2.1 cm , could be a simple follicular cyst. Give her one cycle of OC pills& review.rule out subclinical hypothyroidism. If persists, go for other work up like CA 125 .

If medicine does not relieve pain then laproscopic cystectomy indicated

Does she need ca125 coz of that ?solid components of the cyst

Do a color Doppler to see ring of fire app if present go for culdocentesis usg guided if aspirate is blood laparoscopy for diagnosis and treatment if neg Doppler and aspirate than possibilty of dermoid to be considered still laparoscopy for confirmation and removal.

given im diclofenac ,start monthly oc pills with folic acid od, deliprine 75mg,ovaryl bd for month ,advise if pain becam worse not tollarabl need lapro cystecyomy, if needed monthly usg for next cycl cyst will decrese in size or larg followup monthly

Likely to be dermoid cyst. Do ca125 and if negative do laproscopic cystectectomy and send for biopsy. If positive ca 125 proceed with the other side

Confirm the nature and size of cyst with cect pelvis/mri, send CA125 if wnl, start low dose ocps for one cycle and review for symptoms and rpt scan if needed..

likely a dermoid...

Most probably luteal cyst....assess clinically also ... If ca125 is neg....put her on ocps

Advice CA125 and if positive do laprotomi and cystictomy and later up follow up because she is nullipera and early marital life and give antibiotic and anti inflammatory for 7 days and if CA125 is negative give dinogest 1 month and follow up usg

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