20yr old pt has alopecia totalis since 5yr .2 yr before he took tt got hairs but after some month ,the condition is same as before.tricoscopy shows no hair follicle inside .wht test should advice such pt.no other history of disorder.pt is carpentar.is it possible to grow hairs after tt?what is the tt


Alopecia universalis

Start minoxidil 2% & BTN ULTRA OD & Multi vita. Multi minerals INVESTIGATION Thyroid profile

Alopecia Totalis Ruled out immunolocal factors first

Is it alopecia universalis or only alopacia totalis.....

Start minoxidil 2% then 5 then 10 Tab BTN ULTRA OD TAB ZINC ACETATE 50MG OD INV THYROID PROFILE

Thx..is it possible in scarring alopecia?

It's auto immune disease. Intramuscular steroid or other Immunosupressants can be given. It's recurrent. Best option is wig.

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