21/female reported to me for prosthetic rehab. Not sure about the diagnosis. She is being treated at a dental college since 8yrs. On clinical examination the teeth look as if they are totally attritted upto gingival level. She has One or two posterior contacts to maintain VD. Her VDR minus VDO is 2mm. Extra oral examination shows very less lower facial height. Patient is asking for any fixed option if possible. She is a teacher.. Please post the possible treatment options Sorry could not get extra and intraoral pictures



If she is paying then go for implant

Where all do you want me to place implants sir? Do u want me to extract few teeth? Restorative space is too low.need to go with alveoplasty to gain restorative space. Else where can I fix the implant abutment and crown. Please elaborate on it sir, it would be of great help.

go for imlants

First go for vertical height increase Den give inplant supported dentures

The treatment plan is little tricky, so 1. Extract the rct failed teeth, (I CAN SEE THE APICAL RADIOLUCENCY IN SOME TEETH) 2. TAKE CB CT FOR IMPLANT, 3.Increase the vertical height with temporary crowns 4. Now go for implants in upper and lower jaw.. Thats the best i can say

woof something wrong in max ant region extract molars inc vertical by giving over dentures for few months u HV to gv may be 2 or 3 dentures to inc verticals then analyze for implants take care by taking cbct analyze then only put don't extract single rooted ones unless sure for implants age is big concern I m not sure about MX ant.

congrsts dr. siva kumari again for sharing with us very interesting case to discuss.. but according to my knowledge i can suggest u to take few points into consideration: - presence of bone height (healthy enough to place implants with sufficient occlusal load to bear) - this case is full mouth rehab n hence will need facebow relation n plan accordingly to restore occlusion - extract root pieces n place implants in d same visit to minimize surgical trauma - ridge height so sufficient to load implants immediately but alongwith night guard to safeguard his bite restoration this will fulfill ur patients maximum needs that too with minimum trauma..!

Yeah sir but I feel the interarch space is too less it's actually zero. Need to go with some amount of alveoplasty to accommodate my abutments. Need to gain min 10-12mm of interarch space which means I have to go with atleast 4-6mm bone reduction in both the arches which would compromise the bone height

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ther is a periapical rediolucency in rct treated few teeth

one more thing take history and call parents if possible. not comfortable with ant MX region. send iopa images if any of MX ant n right MX post region especially.

parents shd corroborate early history

parents shd corroborate early history

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