21/male pt , can not walk after intramuscular gultial injection diclofenac aq . On rest positio


Two possibilities 1 nerve injury due to injection ie nerve palsy 2 deposition of diclofenac salt at nerve sheeth causing neuritis Take help of neurologist

Thanx Nihar Ranjan Mohanty

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Treat the fever with the appropriate dose of fever reducing medication. Your child should feel better in about 30 minutes. Lump/knot under the site of the injection that can be present for weeks to months You can place a cool compress on the area or do nothing at all. Either way it will go away on its own.

? Injection hematoma and myospaz ? Sciatic nerve injury Suggest Ice pack, rest, tramadol ,observation May require ultrasound to rule out hematoma

Mostly a case of Sciatic nerve palsy causing lower limb paralysis *please check for foot drop too

Check for tenderness or septic. Cold compress...NSAID/ Thrombophob.

Sciatic nerve Injuries due to faulty pushing of Injection

May be nerve injury