rh incompatibility

21 year primi Just delivered baby at phc 2.30pm 13 sep Baby is healthy, well cried Vitals normal Mother blood group is B negative.. Immunization dose gives to baby within 24 hours??? Ya wait for baby's blood group?? Acid elution test necessary??? How To Give Anti D Dose??for mother??? Plz help sir??



If baby positive then give inj anti d 300 to mother. Birth dose of hepatitis ,opv and BCG can be given according to neonatologist s advice.

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Wait for baby blood group if baby blood group is positive then give 300 mcg Im to mother , if blood group is negative then no need to give rh antibody

Check for baby blood group If baby blood group is positive give inj anti D 300mcg IM to mother within 72 hrs. If baby blood group is negative no need to give antiD

Mam acid elution test is necessary???how much mother blood mix with fetus?? @Dr. Alisha Gaonkar mam?

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Dose 300ug I'm to mother


In rh negative pregnancy give 300 iu rhogam to mother as early as possible within 72 hrs

Wait for baby group...You can wait for till 72hrs

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