21 years old female pt having lesion on left forearm since 7 days, its itching.no such lesion on any other part of the body.H/0 change in soap since 10 days.give diagnosis and suggest appropriate treatment and also non pharmacological advise



Tinea Corporis Treatment is tab Terbinafine 500mg O.D for 2 weeks and topically luliconazole cream

Sir can it be an eczema??

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Do a skin scraping for fungal elements if neg treat as a contact dermatitis with elocon mometasone cream aterax at night stop the new soap / if fungal tebinafine cram day powder with anti fungal powder at night

Tinea corporis

Tinea corporis

Tinea corporis, rx-luliconazole topical,tab-itraconazole 100mg BD,terbibafine 250mg OD weekly for 20 days,Tab CTZ

Tinea corporis Itraconazole 200mg OD Hydroxyzine 25mg OD Terbinafine 250mg OD every 3rd day Ketoconazole ointment

Tinea corporis, give tablet terbinafine 500 (if weight is more than 50kg ) for minimum of 28 days , apply luliconazole cream.. maintain proper higiene

Tinea corporis


tenea corporis. luliconazole cream od x20days itraconazole 200mg odx21days

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