21 yr female ,Severe Anaemia, Icteric tinge , with Swelling over Neck & chest , No edema, having Dyspnoea but can't even sit , reports attached , analysis ????



Thalassemia Severe anemia with CHF Resulting in pulmonary edema / swelling

? Haemoglobin S beta Thalassemia Disease However, Clinical details(family history),(? Hepatosplenomegaly),DNA sequencing for needful.

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Haemoglobinopathy like B-Thalassemia, Sickle cell disease, hereditary persistence of Hb - f, cause severe Anaemia with hyper dynamic circulation and consequent CCF. correction of Anaemia with packed RBC, M. O2, diuretics infusion to correct volume overload and reduce preload, NTG to reduce preload, ACEI / ARB to reduce afferload. TFT to find out any Thyroid disorder

I m agree with @Dr. Ravi Shekhar sir Do blood transfusion another dialysis Basic electrolyte profile needed Tsh also then after go right Dx my opinion

thalassemia with hyperdynamic circulation causing pulmonary edema

Beta thalassemia with pericardial effusion rule out hypothyroidism......

Severe anemia with cardiomegaly and CHF resulting in effusion,ascites and swelling. do blood transfusion, give diuretics, do 2D-Echocardiography.

Isoelectric focusing .... suggested raised HbA2 .....likely beta thalassemia

Beta Thalassemia Do TFT, echo, KFT

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