21 yr old unmarried girl c/o white discharge p/v and irregular cycles since last 18 months. she is taking treatment on and off from gynecologist and GP but her symptoms is not going away. usg report is attached. what should be the management of the case ?



Pcod..her weight Doctor? do hormone tests,LH FSH,their ratio,s prolactin.Tsh. give her Krimson 35 for 3 months. add Myo inositol,d3,as tab or sachets. Metformin tab 500 mg od if obese. weight reduction is the first and foremost advise if obese. diet..more stress on fruits and vegetables. add Evecare syrup...

Mam she is tall and slim. height 5'5" , weight 52 kg approx.

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* unmarried girl * irregular cycle * discharge p/v cyclical krimson 35 tab. doxycycline 1bd 10 days tab. diclo+serrasio+ para 1bd 10days tab. ornidaxzole 500 bd10 days add. rabeprsazole too with tab. Luckol 2bd 15 days followed by tab. Luckol 1bd 1 month

Unmarried girl with white discharge p/v, cervicitis nd irregular mens.cycles.We have to rule out genital tuberculosis.It may be physiological.H/o using broad spectrum antibiotics nd D.M.As she is an unmarried girl doing p/s nd papsmear is not possible. .Vag.discharge smear for cytology nd c/s.Start antibiotic course for PID Cap.Doxyl 100 mg b.d nd Tab.Metrogyl 400mg b.d for 2wks.Tab .Fluconazol 150 mg wkly for 4 wks. Or treat her according to vag .dis.c/s report.Give Krimson 35 for 3 cycles to make her periods regular.Tab .Albendazole 2 doses in case of worm infestation. If she is positive for T.B. treat her with AKT.

you can go for ceftriaxone bid for 7days. or tab azithromycin 500mg od for 7days. or doxy dt 100mg od for 15days. for lean pcod tab chrominance A for 3months.based on LH,FSH,And scan give her cyproterone acetate for 3months

anti inflammatory drugs can be added.

Advised pap's smear, gram positive and negative antibiotics.

sir ji, unmarried girl how pap's smear ?

White discharge in unmarried women is mostly physiological.or it may be due to worm infestation.give two doses of albedazole.irregular cycles are due to pcos.see if her Bmi is within normal limits.check for thyroid,any signs of hirsutism.examine breasts for any discharge.if she is obese wt reduction will help in regularising the cycles.for hirsutism krimson35 will help

lean pcos..we need to check her lh and gtt with 75grams of glucose..and for white discharge we can send vaginal swab for culture and sensitivity as she has this repeated infection..and treat accordingly

Agree vth Dr Pal mam

for cervicitis give her oral Antibiotics cefixime 200 bd for 5 days;Tab.zocon 150 once a week for 6 wks;&Tab Econova bd for 20 days on &20 days off for 3 cycles it's a preprobiotics

treat cervicitis also

choice of antibiotics?
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