Morning sickness

21 yrs female patient / weight 45 kg / primi (pregnancy of 6 weeks) c/o dizziness while standing walking nausea ghabrahat uneasyness light headedness Lowe and pain (mild) plz suggest management



There is no direct mention of thyroid gland in ayurveda but a disease by name galaganda is mentioned in samhitas charaka described the disease under sleshma vikaras.and also mentioned galaganda as solitary. susrutha described rohini the 6th layer is galaganda rogadhistana, galaganda can be correlated with goiter or some tumor pathology,where thyroid functions may are may not be affected first we have to find out whether the hypothyroidism is due to genetical (adi bala pravritta vyadhis ) or due to iodine deficiency hypothyroidism is preventable If proper pathya followed , sigru is rich in iodine which is essential in these case. it has deepan ,pachana, kapha vata hara properties, kanchanara guggulu is use full in hypothyroidism but in pregnent cases its not adviseble , it may causes abortion

कॉलोफाइलम 1x, 3x जेल्सीमियम 30 कैमोमिला 30 बेलाडोना की 30 , 200 सिमिसिफ्यूगा 3

Gelsemium 30

Gelsemium 30 TDs

?antiemetic medicine

Normal No need medication

Adv.:cbc urin rutin Usg Pnv tab 2tds Biplex fort tab 1od Protin pow

Rx Nux Vomica

Carbo veg 30 Aconite nap 30 Crateagus Q

Sulphur 200 single dose Deep case taking needed for further individualization

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