21 yrs Male having severe itiching and this type of rash cetrizine albendalzole and wysolone given still recurrence. Diagnosis and treatment please



I agree with Dr.Aniruddhji,This lesion is giant Urticaria ..* Caused by transient leakage of plasma from small blood vessels into the surrounding convective tissue of the dermis.Do cbc esr, aec, IgE,.ThyroidProfile..common irritants are salt, besan, sour,PERFUMES,DEOS,Fabrics, soap..I have seen this after taking Diclofenac,Diominic DA.., codeine syrup and HT Rx, Disprin...As A Homoeopath..After taking a detailed History...I would prefer ....Nux Gels,Urt-d/I,Iris-V, Ran-v,b,RT, RV..P

Could be tinea corporis.Give tab. Itraconazole 100 mg B.D for 15 days and terbinafine250 mg O.D for 1 month

I think this is urticaria continue treatment find out cause of allergy may be food or clothes which he is wearing. remove cause to avoid recurrence

its a urticaria less likely tiniasis strt with doxy 100 bd azee 500 topical CS with oral CS anti histamine

It's urticaria avoid triggers give tab hydroxyzine (atarax )25mg twice daily for 5 days topical calamine


Taenia corporis, advised systemic anti fungal & deworming.

urticaria give fexofenadine 180 hs and hydroxyzin 25 bd for a month

Taenia corporis Rx Antifungal Antihistamine

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