21 yrs male , suffering from chronic tonsillitis since one year, with mild fever, heavy mucus formation seen especially in morning, after waking up from bed, along with mild sore throat and irritation. I have tried amoxiclav with no subsidence of symptoms. The mucus is seen attached to the oropharynx. so please guide me to a proper treatment plan.


DD:Chronic allergic rhinosinusitis and it's secretions leading to tonsillitis Investigation : 1)Diagnostic nasal endoscopy 2)CT PNS 3)Throat swab for culture and sensitivity 4)CBC,RFT 5)X ray chest Rx:1)Proceed after reports sir 2)First treat sinusitis(Montecop 1HS ) 3)If tonsillitis is recurrent and persistent, Go for Tonsillectomy

Post nasal drip due to chronic rhinitis or sinusitis or allergy will cause sore throat,throat irritation,mucus formation and frequent throat clearing. Picture is in favour of pharyngitis,may be due to Post nasal drip or due to LPR/GERD or viral. Kindly do Diagnostic nasal endoscopy,videolaryngoscopy. Rule out nasal pathology. Treatment Refrain from smoking Treatment of reflux disease with proton pump inhibitors or H2 receptor blockers Avoid alcohol,hot spicy foods,carbonated drinks Allergy control Life style modification

Chronic Pharyngitis Secondary to Allergic/ LPR Inv- DNE Videolaryngoscopy Treatment- Nasal Steroids T. Pantoprazole T. Cetrizine Diet modify Stop addictions Steam inhalation Warm water gargles.

Thanks sir

Postnasal drip.xray pns nd dne to be done to ro sinusitis...


Chronic allergic rhinosinusitia Rx cetrizine Antacid Betadine gargales

Had been smoking since 2year but refrained for 2 months