21ysr/M, C/O, Itchy lessons on both soles for last 3yrs--- On N Off--- DX---



Dr. Dhara, It's PALMOPLANTAR PSORIASIS Removal of the debris Sitz bath Followed by DERMOJET spray of Triamsinolone with amikacin Tab Antihistamines to combat the itching The wound part covered by Mupirocin and overlap by good moisturizer with urea and lactic acid.

Agreed--- As, per history Pt is suffering since ?Childhood(according to history)--- Often On N Off--- Thanks SIR---

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Irritatant contact dermatitis Cream. wanita Zocon Tab. Lizolid

Plantar psoriasis Ddx. Plantar keratoderma


Contact dermatitis.

Planter psoriasis

Planter psoriasis

Picture shows peeling of the skin... Keratolysis Exfoliativa ??

Its a case of psoriasis.

Plantar psoriasis

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