22/M pain since 2 days and carious since 1 year and in whole year pain in 46 3 times


In my opinion, this tooth has poor prognosis due to furcation involvement. A radiograph is 2D and when you will start clearing the carious part near furcation, hardly any structure would be left there plus furcation radiolucency also present. Extraction! or Hemisection if you will.

agree I miss that furcation

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if the patient is willing to save the tooth...start with rct followed by a post...and with deep scaling...if patient has habit of smoking...then ask the patient to quit...I would like try to save first...this is my personal opinion...

thanks yes pt is willing

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nothing much to worry. start with Endo treatment. and give him crown. start analgesic and antibiotics

Dr jain ur rit when i remove carious part furctaion happen but when i kw this and don't make any furcation then what u say its pissible??

Dear how will you leave carious part near furcation? Any caries should not be left that's the first rule of Conservation of any tooth. So according to you while clearing caries using burs you will leave carious furcation as it is and won't go more deep just to not end up into furcation? Is that ethical? Over that, furcational abscess is already present.. If really willing to save, go for Hemisection n Rct of remaining part.

Dr.can u provide a more clear radiograph as in this one the root apexes are not at all visible,so v cant frame our opinion just based on this x-ray.Plus the lesion seems to be quiet deep in fact looks like cariously exposed 46 so v need to c the peri apical region.No offense plz.

ya sure sir

According to iopa,cArious involvement extended up to d furcation....so it's better to avoid endo treatment...according to me,extract d tooth...

agree with pyusha mam

Thanx Dr.Modi

furcation involvement is there , poor prognosis. I think u should do extraction and then go for implant

hemisection can be done,,, but won't work as there is more carious lesion than our imagine for hemosection.

endo wd fair prognosis furcation involvement seen

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