upper cross syndrome

22 Y/o female has upper cross syndrome with hump at cervico thoracic junction. As a treatment: I am going with 1. Strengthning of cervical mucle with core stability exercise 2. Stretching of pectorals 3. Strengthening of scapular muscles 4. Stretching of trapezius and scaleni As a complication I seen double chin..what trick movement should I take care of and take care of it?



@Dr. Manu Raj (Pt) @Dr. Mahesh Sahu (Pt) @Dr. Deep Parikh (Pt) @Dr. Neeta Vyas (Pt) @Dr. Bhautik Arogya Clinic (Pt)

Is kyphoscoliosis structural ?(hump)

No, not kyphoscoliosis but increse in cervical at curvature depth and kyphotic at thoracic. There is no sign of scoliosis. Structural arrangements are same as upper cross syndrome. @Bhanudas Jadhav

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