22 year female patient.she is suffering from since last 2 year.around the neck (both side)nodule formation.mild pain.bt nodes growth very slow.sore throat &no other complain. what is the diagnosis & treatment

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Tuberculoid leprosy? looks like keloids.A lepromin skin test can be done for diagnosis and proper examination of throat and lungs. A chest x-ray, sputum for AFB, CBC & ESR and CBNAAT tests can be advised. Check for numbness and if present, advise testing( histopathological & testing for Mycobacterium species or FNAC). Cervical area with raised pink papules and numbness, if present in yellow part of the papules gives a high suspicion for leprosy. you may check for local muscle weakness.

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Looks like lymph node swelling Needs investigations like CXR FNAC / BIOPSY ALL BLOOD ,URINE INVESTIGATIONS MT PCR OF TB SPUTUM FOR AFB Rule out malignancy also

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Conform TB test,. Rx. Bhallatak vati tab,,. Medohara guggulu,,. Varanadi kashayam ,,.

Thyroglossal Duct Cyst

Lymph node swelling,?abscess. Lab,Fnac,check for Tb,.

T.B? Adv-Fnac X-Ray of chest pa Afb Cbc with esr Mantoux tuberculin test Conformation and treating is better


Thyroglossal duct cyst

Kng Gandamaala Khandan Ra's Yava kshaar

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