22 year old female having lesions on legs arms upper back and head... With intense itching Dx Tx?



itensive itch plus mild itch cumes cumes in favour of psoriasis dr vijay. sir. we dont go by symptoms. v go by clinical picture and history wise . ofcourse symptoms is also important. but it depends on pt immunity.

Sometimes psoriasis can itch Dr. Vijay. . Hence the name ( psoriasis meaning - to itch )

from bolognia:Annular LP This form is thought to occur when papules spread peripherally and the central area resolves (see Fig. 11.8). The annular edge is slightly raised and typically purple to white in color, while the central portion is hyperpigmented or skin-colored; lesions can resemble granuloma annulare (except for the associated scale in annular LP). Annular lesions occur in about 10% of patients with LP and are usually scattered among more typical lesions, but the former may represent the predominant finding. The most common site of involvement is the axilla, followed by the penis (see Fig. 11.8A), extremities and groin. Most patients are asymptomatic, while some have pruritus. even rooks has a typical similar picture of annular LP..

? psoriasis

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fungal infection, cap. itrasys 200 mg. od for 21 days. nadibact plus cream keto soap. self hygiene.

bolognia ??? book of dermatology??

yes,doctor..one of the standard textbooks for dermatology.

spot diagnosis is psoriasis!!!but intense itch does not support the diagnosis psoriasis!!!2nd DD is eczema

I agree by dr. remains.it is annular lichen planus


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