22 yr old female with left eye ptosis and blurred vision with headache . diagnosis. mx

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Its meningioma medial sphenoid wing(need other sequence and sections to confirm) engulfs left carotid and its branches. Other sequences for involved neuro vascular structures. Pterional craniotomy go extra dural remove if hyperostotic sphenoid wing if seen in CT. Can do extradural ant clionoidectomy(optional) and tumor devascularization extra dural. then open dura. Sylvian dissection then trace MCA towards ICA. intratumoral debulking and trace vessels to preserve them. Check preop scans if tumour is little softer. If its firm you can leave some tumor around neurovascular stru.

well put Dr Deo..totally agree

Agree with Dr. Ramachandra

Meningioma Third nerve compression

3 rd nerve palsy may be due to tolosa hunt syndrome or 3rd nerve schwanoma or meningioma

most probably meningioma

Most probably Tolosa hunt syndrome....

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