22 yr old housewife having regular Menstrual cycle complaining of leucorrhoea, vaginitis on examination having hard cyst on labia majora with watery discharge and tenderness . plz suggest the treatment .



Better go for Biopsy 1st as u have mentioned it to be Hard.

Lipoma .needs excision and send for hpe Do hb; ct; bt; rbs

Vulval lipoma ..... Needs excision ...... Explain the risk of recurrance

Pedunculated Lipoma Excusion Easily removable by vertical elliptical incision

Vulval lipoma needs proper investigations n excision

?Vulval lipoma

Bartholin's cyst

Is there a possibility of Filarial vulva?

Pedunculated lipoma,, excision and sent fr Hpe,,,

Neurofibroma Advised excision and HPE

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