22 yrs male , c/o d/v rt eye for last 2 days. No trauma to eye. No pain or redness in eye.H/o difficulty in bright light + . Vn is 6/18 . Vn improves to 6/12 with pin hole.No Rx done so far. Dx & Rx ?


It is a case of disciform keratitis . There were few micro bullae In center of lesion with thickening of cornea in the centre . No kps were seen . Rx by : * Acyclovir e/ointment . * Steroid with antibiotic eye drops . * Atropine e/drops . * Timolol eye drops. * Oral Nsaids ,oral steroid . * Dark glasses.

Stain? Sensations? Looks like viral etiology? Stromal keratitis?

Corneal sensations present.

It could be stromal keratitis of herpes simplex.. Check for corneal sensations,

Could be stromal keratitis with endothelitis... Most probably staining negative. If endothelitis +would need steroids along with antiviral; antiglaucoma and cycloplegic rx

Mollusca CONTAGIODUM with Papillary angular CONJUCTIVITIS Removal of mollasca MOXAFLOXINE eye drops Non STERIODAL ANTIINFLAMMATORY eye drops

Is it Keratoconus.. Having episode of acute hydrops..


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Herpes simplex keratitis

Herpes simplex keratitis

Interstitial keratitis by syphillis

Disciform keratitis

Corneal opacity

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