Abdominal pain & chronic pelvic pain

A 27 y/o female presented complaining of abdominal pain on the background of chronic pelvic pain. On admission, an enlarged right ovary 150cc in volume with a cyst measuring 6.5cm and low internal echoes was demonstrated on pelvic ultrasound. Abdominopelvic CT scan also demonstrated a 6.5cm dense right ovarian cyst with a moderate volume of free fluid and no evidence of appendicitis. Tumor markers taken at the time of acute presentation demonstrated a serum CA 125 level of 8142 U/ml (reference range: <35 U/ml) which had significantly increased from 115 U/ml when performed 12 months prior. Serum AFP and hCG levels were both <2 U/ml. Can you tell what these images shows?

Ca125 suggestive of ovarian cancer Lot of adhesions endometriosis to be ruled out Biopsy will confirm
Ca 125 raised (very high) Dense cyst with echoes is very much suggestive of Ovarian tumor.
Ovarian tumor needs histopathological examination after oophorectomy
Malignant Ovarian Tumor

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