23/f having c/o Amenorrhea since 3 months with primary infertility h/o irregular menses with scanty flow since long time. Married since 2 yrs. Want to conceive. Her hormonal reports are attached. Tab primolut - N 5mg tds × 5 days was given but menses didn't come. AMH is very very low... Fsh/lh raised... What should be done for inducing menses? Or it is ovarian failure?? Plz guide




This is a case of hypergonadotrophic hypogonadism / premature ovarian failure most probably. Give OCP estrogen +progesterone for withdrawal bled but not restore ovarian function she can conceive by IVF using donor egg

23/F..k/c/o:infertility. reports;increased hormones with low amh.. looks to be hypergonatrophic hypogonadism provisional diagnosis: premature ovarian failure. low estrogen has caused no menses on drug induced. series of test will be required to do such as sr estradiol,sr progesterone,sr testosterone, AFC,clomiphene citrate challenge test. thyroid test,usg .. if POF confirmed then cause would be required to evaluate. karyotype..Fragile X premutations..autoimmune screening. no 100%sensitivity or specificity test been predictive of POF. Pregnancy still can be achieved.. refer the case to gynaecologist..

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