23 year male pt.no itching its developed 4 month diagnosis??



stretch matk with slightly cellular hemorrhage trat with anti hemorrhagic topical neomycin cream oral antibiotics to prevent infection after control use calendula oint. to remove the marks

Striae Rubra due to steroids. CO2 fractional gives excellent results in such case at 6 weeks interval. 4-6 sittings required.

stria rubra..Rx vit c ,vit e creams local application..in sum cases silicon gel nd retinol also gv gd result...

Stria rubra Ask history of taking steroids for bodybuilding / any other Co morbidity

I agree to u madam, I had a case where the gentleman had taken steroids for bodybuilding and later on he developed such stria marks similar in the picture..

striae. ask for h/o applying any creams (steroids ) for underarm itching

yes steroids applying

stria rubra . common cause is steroids - oral or topical or both .

Rule out Cushing syndrome or any h\o chronic steroid use

striae rubra.. probably potent topical steroid induced

striae may be due to topical steroid abuse/obesity

BFR crabapple remedy use for external use,and CR

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