23 year old female with history of urticaria for one month , not feverish , no GIT symptoms except severe itching anal region, after taking albendazole for 3 days passed 7 warms as in image below. Your views?




This is an indication that in indian set up Ascariasis is one of the common causes of urticaria. All patients of urticaria should be dewormed

Itching over anal/vaginal region common in pinworm infestation...ascariasis causes more abdominal and respiratory symtom.

Anal itching s/o Pinworm



could be intestinal S. mansoni - neglected tropical disease - which would account for size and small number of worms expelled

Proceed with stool examination and look for eggs

Ascariasis infestation.

Adult female Enterobius vermicularis.

Entrobius vermucularis D/o/c Albendazole 400mg

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