23 yr old female with this skin lesion since 1 month also present over other hand no complaints of itching verruca vulgaris hope it's helpful what are the DDs How to differentiate from molluscm contagiosum comment for treatments.



Molluscum is common in children & self limiting, verruca vulgaris is due to viral infection & is common on exposed parts such as hands, feet. It is along with other skin problems as sub epidermal dysplasia etc. Skin biopsy is diagnostic. Treatment include use of salycic acid for local application, cryotherapy, laser therapy, electro cauterisaton, rarely chemotherapy.

Morphology of lesion is of verruca vulgaris,it is not molluscum no umbillication and there is no vehicular,pearly shiny appearance,the lesion above coalescing typical of verruca vulgaris

Molluscum contagiosum has a pearly white look with a molluscum body where as verruca vulgaris is a solid lesion. Molluscum simple puncture is needed. Verruca needs cautery. Phenol cautery can also be done for molluscum. For verruca of this magnitude, it's better to do an electric cautery. Look for immunocompromised state too.

Verrucae vulgaris. Molluscum will be umbilicated and vesicular. Rx as Dr. Giridhar sir said.

In molluscum lesions are pearly white with central umblication where as in verrucca vulgaris they have verrucous surface. This is a case of verrucca vulgaris CO2 laser advised

Molluscum contagiosum

Thanks @Dr. Arshwi A Jasoliya Ma'am

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patient came for missed period and upt was done its positive what treatment shold be give for pregnant female

Verruca Vulgaris.Needs Cautery preferably electrical

Molluscum contagiosum

clearly a case of verruca vulgaris due to HP virus.

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