23 yr old male with history of recent onset left sided limbs episodic tingling sensation.his sister has epilepsy.diagnosis.mx.?



There is bleed in right temporal region, an odd location for usual hypertensive bleeds. Rule out cavernoma or AV malformation by angio - CTA/MRA/DSA. Start antiepileptics.

I agree with dr.pradeep.

This pt is only 23years old Once he has been found to Have a bleed in the temporal region. Rule out hypertension And perform an imrgency angiography of brain to see if there is an aneurysm. If there is one , clip it evacuate the clot and pt should recover In time, otherwise treat accordingly. One of our colleagues has mentioned Sister has epilepsy start on Drug for epilepsy, consider The findings with a temporal bleed is it a sensible approach.

Right temporal bleed, Rx with 20% mannitol and antiapileptics with anti htn!! R/o d cause: Coagulopathy, trauma, AV malformation,

there's seen in investigation that bleed in right temporal area.look like cyst or tumour like growth or may be due to surrounding edema.....anything ..which to find out cause must do angio cta /mra/dsa. or in mean time start treatment wd mannitol nd anti epileptic ...bcoz pt has history of htn..

With early onset bleed, in young person, suspect AVM, if hypertensive investigate causes for early hypertension - renal/ adrenal/ any other causes.. what type of epilepsy in sister ? Are her papers available to find if there could be a related genetic cause... Advise Physiotherapy for Neurological deficits...

Right temporal lobe haematoma, minimal SAH in anterior interhemispheric region, mild cerebral atrophy Possibilities- chronic alcoholism, trauma, AVM, ruptured aneurysm, coagulopathy.

Right sided space occupying lesion with surrounding edema.

Agreed about Rt Temporal bleed with surrounding odema .Also note that in the second sequence there is a hyperdense shadow on Left Temporal area. 4th from where the fingers are placed.Hope it is not an abnormal finding or an artifact? Comment.

Rt sided temporal lobe SOL, consider for cavernous angio

There is bleed in right temporal region, rule out cause for bleed by angio - CTA / MRA /DSA

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