23 yrs female pat/ primigravida 3 weeks c/o constipation weight gain puffy face h/o hypothyroidism on thyronin treatment now tsh level goes beyond 100 suggest treatment??



Glandular remedy with constitutional remedy. Breathing exercises and meditation will support the core and will be very helpful in pregnancy too.

Calcarea carb Lycopodium Graphites

Referance andocrinologyst opinon

Ashwagandharista Dulcolax

Thyroxine dose ??????

75 mcg

Swadisht virechan churan Chandraprbhavati tab Biplex fort tab Protin pow Macalvit suryp 2tbs

1.kanchnar guggulu wth dshmularisth 2,trikatu ch + trifla ch + yasti madhu

Har chij dawai hai Ayurvedic ka Gyan Hona chahie Sabhi Ilaaj Ho Sakenge

U can also start punarnva churna and advice for endocrinology opinion

Advise general management can give thyroidinum 30 1 dose

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