22 yr male c/o swelling over umbilical region since 1yr


Paraumbilical hernia....need mesh repair if defect more than 2.5 cms...otherwise primary repair with double bresting will do....!! Get an ultrasound done for defect size...!.
Agree with Dr Amir Ansari.

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no emergency,avoid constipation,cough,heavy weights.if developing pain need to get operated
if bulging appears during coughing herniorrhaphy with mes required
it looks like umbilical hernia..... surgical treatment required
umbilical hernia i think sure require surgical repair
Suggestive of umbilical hernia , USG abdomen
umblical hernia.surgical repair is required
umbilical hernia surgical repair needed
periumbilical Hernia Hernia plasty
I think it's umbilical granoloma
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