23y/F C/O lesion with extreme itching betwn buttocks since last 4mnths. H/O same lesions at d same sites to her family members No H/O fever kindly suggest Dx n Rx.



Deworming must be done in all rashes/lesions in peri-anal region, rest anti itch, antifungal medications can be given; with instructions to keep good hygiene. Change undergarments twice daily.

Terbinafine with miconzole oint, itracanazole 200, deflazecort 6mg, hetrazen100mg tab

It's a case of tinea incognito.

Tinea glutealae

Tinea glutealae

Tenia infection

Thanks Dr Joni Yadhav


TINEA incognito. / INFECTION

Tinea glutealae.

Tinea incognito 1. Tab Itraconazole (200)..... 1 OD for 2 - 4 weeks depending upon response 2. Ointment Miconazole or Terbinafine apply on and 2cm around the lesion. Continue this for 1 week more after complete disappearance of rash. 3. Tab Levocetrizine.... 5 mg SOS (if itching) Avoid bathing in pond, advice maintaining hygiene. Treat every family members who have such rashes.

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