23yrold female wth severe wt severe wt loss , diagnosed as sputum negatve tuberculosis by pulmonolgist, started onn akt4, pt developed thesions even before treatment, and developed similar lesions all over the body, astd wth severe itching , which has increased to very huge extent.kindly provude your expert opinion regarding the lesions


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Lichenoid Drug Eruption / Idiopathic Lichen Plenus..... "Lichenoid Drug Eruption", more favourable than "Idiopathic Lichen Plenus" as da rashes are predominantly in areas exposed to the Sun, ie Photodistribution. Skin Biopsy should be done. Topical Corticosteroid, Short term low doses Oral Prednisone can be given. Much more expert opinion should be helpful Thanks @Dr. Deiva Vignesh

thanks fr your guidance mam

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Lichenoid erruptions

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Lichonoid drug Erruption.

@Dr. S. Dhara @Dr. Ashok Sinha @Dr. Susanta Kumar Meher @Dr. Rumi Mandal

Lichenoid eruption

Lichenoid eruptions.

@dr ram gupta

@Dr. Delvin Blesso

Skin TB

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