23yrs male. pain since 6yrs. swelling progressive. Unable to sit n restriced knee ROM. expert opinions pls.


Slow growing, physis of tibia fused, soap bubbles appearance, no articular surface breech, , so first differential is gct. no periosteal reaction ( ruled out telangeactetic osteosarcoma ). Other d/d ABC, nof, fibrous dysplasia. Plan biopsy, CT, acid phosphatase level . Then surgical MX with sandwich technique, curratage with phenol, bone cement and long distal femur plate. Or megaprosthes.

Thanku sir. Vil confirm the diag. Was thinkin abt 2 options. -Sandwich technique with fibular strut graft + allograft or -Practically custom made mega prosthesis,addler .

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GCT sosp bubble appearance . Do Biopsy; MRI then plan for surgical removal curettage fill the gap w bone cement nd fx distal femoral lcp

Thanku sir.

GCT please get mri for neurovascular involvment, rule out malignancy.. get bone scan..

Yea. Thanku Vil update soon .


Thanku sir.

Aneurysmal bone cyst

Any tumor surgeons.... expert opinions pls. @Dr. Janki Sharan Bhadani @Dr. Abhishek Chatterjee @Dr. Kishore Chitta

Expansile lytic lesion Contained in the bone Possibly GCT MRI evaluation Trucut needle biopsy Likely to need resection and reconstruction with tumor prosthesis

Osteolytic lesion more than cm significant do MRI biopsy HP looks malignant

More than 2 cm osteolytic lesion biopsy must

Aneurysmal bone Gaint cell tumour.

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