23yrs old female C/o acne and severe hair loss since 1month No c/o any dandruff No h/o any drug allergy No any k/c/o Diagnosis, Treatment and D/D please.



Acnes vulgaris Rx tab azithromycin 250mg 1od for 5days and after that alternately 100mg Tab isotrentoin 20mg 1od Locally clindamycinA oint twice daily Shampooing with ketacanazole twice a week Cap zebihair one Review every fortnightly

Thanx dr S M Sarfraz

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Exactly Acne vulgaris Doxycycline Doxycycline 1bd Ointment Clindamycin bd Benzoyl peroxide ointment in night Vitamin A

Thanks Dr. Nikunj Satasiya

Acne vulgaris Acnicin lotion locally Tab Roxid 150 mg bd For hairs Scalpe shampoo Mintop locally

Thank you doctor

Dear ask for CBC ESR , T3T4TSH and further treat with Cap Evion 400 one daily Cap Biotin 10mg one daily, Cap Autrin one daily Serum Minopep 1ml bd apply locally twice

Thank you doctor

Acne with hair loss Need to investigate for steroid use, hyper corticolism . ? Adrenal hyperplasia Azithral 500 mg ID for one month Clindamycin oint, isotretenoin ,10 mg OD fir one month for Acne. Minoxidil lotion for hair loss

Acne. C Doxy 100 mg OD for 15 day. Trenitoin 20 mg OD for one month Trenitoin 1 percent for LA ERYTOP FOR LA Acne soap and face wash

Thank you doctor

Acne vulgaris. Treatment part agree with Dr Agarwal Sir

Acne Rx isopearl 20 mg od Azee 500 od for 3 day Clinsol ad oint morning Benzox 5% oint night Clear up soap

Acne vulgaris

@acne & hair fall both may due to increased androgenic level advice Blood test - LH ; FSH ; DHEAS ; thyroid profile treatment according to it

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