24/M ç/o Painless swelling RT armpit for 5_6months Increases in size in the last 1 week no H/o fever/vomiting/trauma/TB o/e, cystic nontender with irregular margin adherent to skin

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Get a F.N.A C done to confirm the diagnosis. Since history is of 5- 6 months a soft tissue tumour is a possibility. D/D is Lipoma Lymphoma Congenital infected cyst . Further management depends upon the F.N.AC report

When we think of DD we must not rattle out every possible disease . When the history says there is no fever or redness or tenderness it to some extent rules out acute inflammation . Not present from birth rule out congenital but very very rare for cyst to appear later . Look for the area of drainage of lymphatic . Always one keeps TB and lymphoma in mind as it may be an origin for generalised pathology . Is there an deep axillary extension is important . If FNAC is not helpful go for open biopsy . If cystic ramification around brachial plexus can make it difficult .

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Young male, no fever, pain, weight loss...recent rapid increase in size of swelling...need to rule of neoplastic changes...sarcomas and schwannomas can present like this...though rarely Lymphoma may also but that usually is not isolated single place, patient will have other related symptoms and TB will usually not be cystic. An MRI of the region for better delineation of the lesion plus a tissue diagnosis is needed (FNAC or Core Bx)

Get a FNAC done to confirm the diagnosis. D/D 1.Lipoma 2.Lympoma 3. Congenital infected cyst.

Can't give direct diagnosis without examination... My DD.. Axillary lipoma enlarged LN due to ? lymphoma Need to do USG first to see origin, nature, extension of swelling

I agree.

D/D of axillary swelling.. infective, metastatic,benign lymphadenopathy, inflammatory,nodular fibromatosis,infundibular follicular cyst, rheumatoid lymphadenopathy, ectopic breast tissue, lipoma, lymphoma.. History to differentiate infective and malignant, Examination of skin( melanoma),arms,trunk,neck,breast,thyroid CXR,b/l mammography FNAC for benign v/s malignant Since in this case it is 5mth history and cystic lesion and adhered to skin and lesion seems to be quite rapidly growing, obstruction caused by some malignant mass is a strong possibility.

When painless and fast growing think in terms of malignant tumor. Go for FNAC Then can be planned accordingly.

It could be a lymphnodal.mass..or a congenital infected cyst..take proper history..imaging should precede any invasive tissue sampling..rule out similar lesion else where

?Lipoma ?Lymph Nodal Mass Accessory Breast Tissue Needs USG N FNAC TO DIAGNOSR PLAN T/T AS PER REPORT.

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