liver cirrhosis

24 m, suffering from Wilson disease p/w hematemasis and malena for two days now absolutely fine, CT abdo and liver fibroscan attached, needs your valuable opinion in which circumstances proced to liver transplant Dr. Uday Sanglodkar Sir ,Suprabhat Giri sir, Viswanath Reddy Sir ,Dr. Jyoti Wadhwa mam ,Viswanath Reddy Sir



The CT report is not visible clearly. If the patient is well controlled on chelation therapy then you can observe but if the patient decompensates even with good control of copper then the patient should be evaluated for liver transplant. Need to see the copper studies before commenting further.

In past few days pt decompensaed in the form of ascitis which regressed and has developed shunt showed in CT ,now ast 50, alt 72 ,bilirubin total 2.38 ,direct 1.8, a/g 1.07, sr ceruloplasmin wnl

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