24 years /m patient came with stomach pain, 2-3 episode's semisolid stool with mucus, 2 months back USG abdomen report showed thickened bowel loop with multiple lymphnodes ?infective or inflammatory. then treated with inj Amikacin500mg and inj Ceftriaxone 500mg for one week BD. after that his complaints subsided. again his previous complaint relapsed after 2 months . USG abdomen showing as same before, what could be the cause and diagnosis , treatment???

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Get a CECT abdomen and colonoscopy. D/D- Intestinal tuberculosis Ulcerative colitis Crohn's disease Irritable bowel syndrome Non - specific enterocolitis. Treatment depends upon the investigations. Meanwhile start with tab Rifaximin 400mg t.d.s, for 2 weeks along with tab ofloxacin + ornidazole B.D for 7days and a pre-probiotic for 2 weeks

Differtiatials of loose stools with mucus and abdominal pain associated with lymphadenopathy are... Inflammtory causes like IBD ,crohn's,colitis Infective causes TB, typhoid Ideally do CECT abdomen and colonoscopy of required... Treat conservatively for few days ,I no response then re-evaluate..

CET abdomen and colonoscopy is requires. D/D 1 Intestinal obstruction 2.Ulcerative colitis 3.crohn's disease. 4.Irritable Bowel Syndrome. 5. Nonspecific entercòlitis.upon the Investigations. Treatment depending

Koch's abdomen.

Inflammatory bowel disease mesalamine

Tubercular peritonitis

Size of messentric lymphnode to be noted Rule out koch abdomen first